Tour Booking Policy:
When you have decided to book a tour with us, here are some rules for you:
* Cancellation of the tour before 42 hours will be refunded 100% of your tour deposit.
* If you cancel the tour close to the departure time, you must have a valid reason and update the cancellation reason with images via our email, WhatsApp. If the reason is accurate and valid, we will refund 50% of your deposit, and the remaining 50% will be used to pay for the services we have arranged for you to maintain the reputation of our company.

Questions about the trip:
* Easy riders Vietnam, we love that is you ask questions or give suggestions to build a tour program according to your desires before you proceed to book a tour. And we are always ready to answer all your questions via email or WhatsApp.

How is payment for trip:
You can choose the payment method as follows:
* Cash: USD – EURO or Vietnamese dong
* Payment by credit card (We will send you a payment link via email or WhatsApp for convenient payment whenever you need).

How to store luggage for the journey:
Your luggage is wrapped in a waterproof bag for absolute safety and securely fastened behind the motorbike, or if the luggage is large or there are multiple pieces, we will send them to the destination before the end of the journey and we will collect the luggage when the tour ends.

When you book an easy riders tour with us, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of by our guides in every kilometer of your journey. We alway attention to your taste in food and accommodation to ensure that you have an amazing and unforgettable motorcycle experience in Vietnam. We provide detailed advice on everything you need to know before booking an easy riders Vietnam tour with us. Sincerely, thank you.