Motorbike safety protection gear is one of the most essential when you ride a motorbike or sit behind a motorbike when you participate in a motorbike tour program in Vietnam. It will protect you to bring the safest feeling for you to enjoy the tour comfortably, at the same time Mr Vu’s Easy riders Vietnam is one of the pioneering units of motorcycle tours in Da Lat and Vietnam. In addition to good guidance and driving, Safety is our top priority. When you go on a tour with us and meet other companies, you will compare the tour you booked with us to see if it is worth it or not. Sincerely thank you.

Best quality of Safety protection gear for Self-rider and follow guide on tours

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Safety protection for person sitting behind the riders

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Motorbikes for tour in Vietnam : HONDA XR150CC – HONDA VERZA 150CMotorbike for Self-Rider

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Classic Motorbike bike : 135 – 175cc: