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    Motorbike tours Ho Chi Minh to Qui Nhon

    Tour Code : HCM-HOI AN
    Easy riders trip from Ho Chi Minh city to Bai Xep beach – Qui Nhon in 6 days
    Ho Chi Minh city – Cu chi Tunnel – Dong Xoai Town – Ho Chi Minh trail – Gia Nghia
    Draysap falls – lak lake – Pleiku – Kontum – Kham Duc – Hoi an

    Day1 : Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi Tunnel – Dong Xoai
    Pickup at your hotel at 8h30Am – hit up to Cu Chi Tunnel
    * The tunnels were dug with simple tools and bare hands during the French occupation in the 1940s
    and further expanded during the Vietnam War in the 1960, to provide refuge and a defensive
    advantage over the American soldiers. Despite all the bombings in their town,
    * The Cu Chi people were able to continue their lives beneath the soil, where they slept, ate, planned attacks,
    healed their sick, and taught their young. Some even wed and gave birth underground,
    but over 10,000 lost their lives here.)
    * Ride up to Ho Chi Minh Trail and Overnight in Dong Xoai town ( on Ho Chi Minh Trail )

    Day2 : Dong Xoai – Draynu fall – Buon Ma Thuot city
    Explore the real Ho Chi Minh trail and learn how about the American war in VietNam
    *  Ride on old trail to Drasapfall on this road you will never forget how beautiful and natural landscape
    * Visit Cashew nut farm and factory
    * Tea plantation
    * War monument on Ho Chi Minh trail
    * Pepper & Rubber plantation
    * H’mong village of H’mong people
    * Trek swim at Draysap or Draynu the biger fall in Central highland of VietNam
    * Stay in Bungalow on top opf water fall

    Day3 : Draysapfall – Lak Lake
    After breakfast – hit the road again – this day we will discover the real life of minorit village along the trail
    * Ride a long the trail with amazing rice paddy field and view of the village
    * Visit Ede village
    * Explore the Highlands Tomb of M’nong people
    * Put the bike on Fairy to cross the river and visiting Tay people
    * More visit the M’lieng village and learn about elephant village
    * You decide to take the elephant cross the Lak Lake to Jun Village of M’nong people or Ride back
    to M’nong villages when you there
    * Walk around the Jun villages of M’nong people
    * canoe paddle to the Lake and fishing with local people here – Back to there home and start cooking and
    enjoy dinner with M’nong people
    * Back to home stay and relax

    Day4 : Lak Lake – Buon Ma thuot
    After breakfast – walk around the village and explore the real life of M’nông people
    * Ride around the paddy field and learn about rice farming in the mountains
    * Muchroom farm
    * Brick factory
    * Coffee plantation and try the real local highland coffee
    * War museum in Buon Ma Thuot and walk around town
    Back to hotel

    Day5 : Lak Lake – Pleiku
    * Back to road again on the old Ho Chi Minh trail to learn about the history of vietnamese people during
    the French colony and the vivid war, the daily life of highlanders who live along the roads to learn how
    to make rice papers, noodles making.
    * Visit the city a bit then head to Greenfield of the Bana and Gia-rai people, crocodile farm..
    * Pagoda and traditionalmusic of them.
    * Heading to sea lake which used to be a volcanic crater that stopped working a million years ago..
    a great place to take some good photos for the trip.
    * Continue traveling to Kon Tum where you visit Kon tum prison ( since 1930 )
    * Tea plantation & more picture with rice paddy field during sunset time
    * Visit wooden church ( French Church more than 130 year) and Kon Tum orphanage
    * Visit Kon-Ktu village of Bahna people and their traditional Rong house of Bahna and learn
    their traditions and culture by their custom and daily life. Stay over night in Kon tum
    * BBQ with local restaurant and we will talk more about vietnam

    Day 6 : Pleiku to Qui Nhon Bai Xep beach
    * Continue traveling on the Ho Chi Minh trail.
    * Visit The Gia Jai minority village and special the the family has Agent Orange
    * Tapioca farm
    * Avocano Lake
    * And the beautiful Mountain View down to Bai Xep beach – Qui Nhon
    * Arrive to Bai Xep beach
    Tour ending

    The price : 80 USD/ person/ perday
    The Price private Car / 4WD : 95 USD? person/ per day
    Type of Motorbikes : SUZUKI 2014 – HONDA MASTER 2014 – YAMAHA YBR : 150 – 175- 250cc
    Including : Big & New bike – full english speaking guide – all of entrance fee – Boat in lak lake
    Breakfast – Special Bikes equipment ( Body Gear protected ) – Breakfast – boat fishing in lak lake
    insurance – permit to offer the easy riders
    Excluding: Food and Drink along the way

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 6 days
    • Person : 1 Person
    • Availability : 40
    • Price : $$80 / person / day
    • Location : ho chi minh city, draysap fall, lak lake, buon ma thuot, pleiku, qui nhon

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